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Using Rancid config manager with Brocade FabricOS

**** Note this does not work in the version of rancid instead use the built in foundry template. **** First get rancid working Download HowTo These instructions assume installation in /usr/local/rancid and running as user rancid Download these files brocaderancid and brocadelogin Put in bin directory and set permissions and user same as clogin Create…
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Cisco Switch to Brocade Turbo Iron, Trunk Channel Group

Working configuration for trunking a channel group to Brocade TurboIron Brocade TurboIron-X24 Version 08.0.01cT203 ------------ vlan 2 tag e 25 e 26 int e 25 port-name LAS-05 dual-mode 1 ip-port-mtu 1500 spanning-tree 802-1w admin-pt2pt-mac link-aggregate configure key 10001 link-aggregate active pvst-mode int e 26 port-name LAP-05 dual-mode 1 link-aggregate configure key 10001 link-aggregate active pvst-mode…
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Cisco ASA to Switch arp incomplete

The ASA 5510 v9.0(3) does not support untagged vlan packets. What if you want to put a port on vlan 1??? Set the interface on the switch to another native vlan this will force vlan 1 to be tagged. switchport trunk native vlan 100 Thats it and the asa will start responding!
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