How to PXE boot an EMC CX4 SAN

Setup a DHCP and PXE server.
Grab a copy of CXClear and install it. (Note this is for the CX3 and older arrays)
Open explorer to C:\Program Files (x86)\EMC\TsgTools\CXClear\clariion-app
Copy all the files to the tftp root directory on your host or you can run the tftpd client

  1. Connect serial port to the EMC array settings 9600,8n1.
  2. When you see the alphabet abcdef... press cntrl-c
  3. When it says contact support type "SHIP_it" then press return
  4. Go into the menu starting with ICA
  5. You can enable disks by using option 3
  6. Then boot option 2

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