Create EMC recovery drive using existing array

Below are the steps to create a blank recovery drive without a utility partition or a PSM.

**** NOTE Do this at your own risk if you mess this up you could lose all your data.
This is just a normal disclaimer and I've never had that issue. But I warned you. ***

Power down the array.
Label all drives 0-4 from first DAE.
Remove drives 1-4.
Remove SPA (note this is not where you plug your cables in at.)
Connect serial cable to SPB
When you start seeing the alphabet press control-c
After it says "call your service provider" type "recover" press enter
After the int13 it will hang for a bit then say "press any key to enter safe mode"
Press something or it will just copy your PSM from the other drive.
Then proceed to upload an image and save to disk
Then reimage THIS SP with the new FLARE MIF.
Power off and reinsert the drives in correct order.

Congratulations you have a recovery drive. Its missing the utility partition but it is bootable.

Wait for a followup post on how to create a new vault set from scratch.

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